Where should you send samples?

All samples should be sent with a sample request form (Click here to obtain a Pdf document to print off). The minimum requirement is that the specimen must be labelled with :

Surname and forename,
Date of birth,
Your laboratory number,

and the request form must contain the SAME information as the sample plus the following information:

Hospital record number OR NHS number
Address for report
Consultant or GP
Name of requestor
Type and site of specimen
Date and time of collection
Tests required

and addressed to:

Mycology Reference Centre Manchester
2nd Floor Laboratory,
Education and Research Centre
Wythenshawe Hospital
Southmoor Road
Manchester M23 9LT

TEL: (0161) 291 2124 (laboratory)
or (0161) 291 5839 (office)

OR send to DX Exchange Number: DX 332601 Manchester 96 M

For further information, advice on sending samples or to inform us of urgent specimens please telephone the laboratory on 0161 291 2124

Our requirements

In order for us to help you by providing a rapid service the following guidelines must be followed:

  • For the fastest possible service for urgent samples please give us advanced warning that you are sending specimens.
  • For flucytosine assays please send samples immediately, by taxi if necessary. Please phone us before 13:00 to facilitate assay preparation.
  • Do not wait for yeast identity before sending off a culture, we include identification
  • For assay specimens please ensure that all antifungal drugs the patient is receiving are written on the form.

Turnaround times (in working days)

Our aim is to provide you with accurate results as soon as possible. The introduction of new versions of susceptibility tests, molecular identification and serological assays has led to even quicker turn around times. Shown below is an analysis of average turnaround times for various types of tests.

Identification of yeasts                                            2-5 days
Identification of moulds                                            2-7 days
N.B. Identification may take long if molecular identification is required

Yeasts                                            1-5 days
Moulds                                            3-7 days
N.B. Susceptibility testing may take long if culture requires incubation

Antifungal levels:
Flucytosine                                      1 day
Itraconazole                                     1-4 days
Posaconazole                                  7 days
Voriconazole                                    4 days or less
Fluconazole                                     1-4 days
Isavuconazole                                  1-4 days

Serological assays
Aspergillus precipitin test                   7-10 days
Cryptococcus antigen test                 Same day
Aspergillus galactomannan ELISA    1-2 days
Fungitell ™ß-1-3-D glucan test          1-3 days

Molecular assays
Aspergillus PCR       7 days
Pneumocystis PCR   4 days

Culture and identification of agents of dermatomycoses
Direct microscopy: 1-2 days
Culture and identification:
Yeasts                     1-2 weeks
Dermatophytes        1-3  weeks
Non-dermatophytes 1-2 weeks

These times are average times – results for urgent specimens may be available earlier.
Susceptibility tests, antifungal assay reults, molecular test results and most serological tests are telephoned, thus reducing reporting delays.

Costings (updated 01.04.2019)

Identification and Susceptibility   
NHS Private  
Standard yeast susceptibility package:
flucytosine, fluconazole, amphotericin B, micafungin and anidulafungin full identification and long term storage
£90.56 YSP

Standard yeast package, plus 1 additional susceptibility

£106.82 YSP1
Standard yeast package, plus 2 additional susceptibilities
£123.05 YSP2
Standard yeast package, plus 3 additional susceptibilities 
£139.30 YSP3
Standard mould susceptibilty package:
itraconazole, amphotericin B, posaconazole and voriconazole identification and long term storage
£111.45 MLD
Standard mould susceptibility package, plus 1 additional susceptibility
£119.67 MLD1
Standard mould susceptibility package, plus 2 additional susceptibilities
£127.92 MLD2
Identification only (yeast or mould)
£23.48 IDENT
Dermatophytes (Skin, Hair, Nail) £14.63 £16.15 DERM
Synergy testing (yeast or mould) available upon request On request On request
Antifungal Assays
Measurement of one sample for antifungal drugs
£70.30 LEVEL
Fungal Serology      
Aspergillus galactomannan antigen ELISA £53.71 £59.28 ASPGM
Fungitell ™ß-1-3-D glucan
£59.28 BGLU
Aspergillus precipitin test + titre

Aspergillus fumigatus

£16.58 £18.27 AFPDD
Cryptococcal antigen test £36.89 £40.72 CRYPA
Fungal Molecular Tests:      
Aspergillus PCR
£96.66 ASPPCR
Pneumocystis PCR
£96.66 PCPPCR
Panfungal PCR
£96.66 PANPCR
Molecular sequencing for identification
£96.66 SEQID

Investigations of mouldy houses and hospitals (Environmental)
Surveillance of hospital environments for Aspergillus species
On request
Sampling by MRCM staff, per hour
On request
Surveillance of homes,workplaces, public buildings,allergenic moulds and indicators of water damage- all inclusive price for sampling, identification and interpretation. Per sample.

Clinical advice

Clinical advice for individual patients can be provided by our Consultant Infectious Disease Clinicians
This can be arranged by telephoning 0161 291 2124. Emergency medical advice can be obtained out these hours by contacting the on-call Infectious Diseases Consultant via the switchboard on 0161 998 7070.
Professor Denning is also available to discuss the use of trial antifungal compounds, where necessary.

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